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Suburban Gems: Bexley North

Ready to move on from Sydney’s ubiquitous burgers, I’ve become convinced that hotdogs should be our next big thing. My hunt for the perfect hotdog recently took me to Bexley North, and the German Butchery Deli & Café. This light-filled glass box sits, quite conveniently, on the edge of a large council car park.

A long, glass delicatessen counter filled with hams, cold cuts, cooked salamis, and both fresh and continental sausages, takes up most of the space. It’s a bewilderingly big range of products, all made in their Mona Vale factory.

If you’re new to continental sausages, their online store does have excellent descriptions, that will get you choosing between their bratwurst, currywurst, weisswurst and knackwurst with ease. They also have a Click and Collect service where you can choose online, and then turn up and collect your order in person like I did.

Having given the range a good flogging, I’m happy to tell you the Cheese Kransky ($8.90/5) are great. These Austrian, coarse cut, double-smoked sausages are dotted with cheese hunks, and scrub up the best on a hotdog. I tried them side by side with a kransky I bought from a supermarket, and the German Butchery kransky won hands down.

While I did buy some rolls from this store, I liked our ‘dogs best on Japanese-style milk buns with mustard (or pickle relish) and tomato sauce. Picking up a jar of Kühne Sauerkraut ($6.90/796ml) from the store’s boutique selection of dry goods is a good way to make a hotdog into a meal. If you drain it well, it can just be added directly into your ‘dog.

Continental Frankfurts ($6.40/5) do a similarly good job between two soft buns, with snapping skins, these pork sausages are very lightly smoked.

Currywurst  ($8.90/4) to my palate ate best cooked and then cooled and served with mustard – perhaps as part of a cheese platter.

From the fresh range, Pork Pear & Cider Bratwust ($17.90/kilo) got a nice colour on the grill and went gangbusters with beer, but ate like a sausage on a hotdog bun, making me miss the smoke of the frankfurter and kransky.

The only product I was disappointed with was the German Butchery’s English Black Pudding ($8.45/420gm). When we pan-fried this one in thick rounds, the natural casing left the slices and became like tough rubber bands. The blood sausage itself tasted more like filler (oats) than spices – there are plenty of better black puddings out there.

While I was here I also picked up some of their Canadian Style Maple Bacon ($5.95/200g), which placed in this year’s Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards. It makes good use of Australian pork with some lovely sweetness from the maple, but to my tastebuds, this thinly sliced bacon could do with more smoke. I’ve got no such complaints about their Kassler ($22.90/kilo). It’s a traditional German pork loin that’s double smoked over Beechwood. While you can eat it as bacon, I tried it as two thicker slices, pan-fried with sauerkraut and mashed potato, and it was big on rich, porky and smoky flavour, making a small amount of protein all you needed to feel satisfied.

If you come to the German Butchery early enough in the day – or pre-order – I’m told the soft pretzels are worth trying. They also do chewy white rolls with cold cuts and coffees, which you can eat in.

I was pretty impressed with this range of products and the pricing, and I can see myself visiting again next time I need to stock up the freezer with fast week-day eats. The only Germanic butcher I’ve liked better is Mentges Master Meats, which is unfortunately located in Taree.

German Butchery Deli & Cafe
1/2-6 Sarsfield Circuit, Bexley North
Ph: (02) 9150 6402

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