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Review - Bare Grill on Bourke

Come eat with the team that NSW Police claim cause traffic jams outside their original store in La Perouse! After sampling fairly widely, I’m still convinced that Bare Grill make one of the best burgers in Sydney. I recently returned for a very saucy exploration of what makes their burgers taste so good…

It all started when my condiment-mad dining companion couldn’t decide what additional sauce he wanted with his Mac’n’Cheese Croquettes ($12).

The friendly Bare Grill team helpfully brought out them all, along with an extra side of Fries ($8) so we could explore them thoroughly. It’s a great way to learn about saucing because some sauces – like their Homemade BBQ Sauce ($3) – kick butt on fries, impressing with just a hint of chilli and by not being oversweet.

Other sauces – like the Bare Sauce ($3) – seem oversweet and cloying on chips, but when you eat them with charred patty on The Bare ($14) they’re damn near perfect. With American cheddar, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, Bare sauce and one of their flavoursome beef patties cooked to a perfect medium, this burger is a great place to start if you’re new to Bare Grill.

As for the rest of the sauces, your must-haves are the subtle and tangy Blue Cheese ($4) and the punchy Truffle Mayo. ($4), though my surprising favourite was the house-made chilli vinegar that usually comes with their ribs.

The Bare Grill team have also added on cocktails since my last visit. Sitting in the outdoor courtyard sipping on a smoky Margarita ($17) is a great way to spend your Sunday.

Arriving before noon, we threw in a healthy breakfast juice in the form of a Bloody Mary ($17), which arrived with an epic garnish of olives, cucumbers and snapping fresh dill pickles. They used a sweeter Worcestershire sauce to balance the lemon, but left the spice level to us by passing the Tabasco separately.


Keep your eyes peeled for their chalkboard specials too. Yo' Bitch ($20) presents a tasty collection of fried chook, bacon, grilled pineapple and mayo. between two milk buns. It’s made into a cheesy hot mess with a free at-the-table raclette add-on (normally $7) and some chips to scrape up whatever cheese oozes off your burger. When the half cheese wheel comes out, everyone wants what you’re having... it’s hard not to grin.

NOTE: You can see previous visits to this venue HERE and HERE.

Bare Grill on Bourke
Shop 15, 425 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 8964 4214

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