MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

The ugly side of human beings

This post goes out to the security dude at Concord Hospital, manning the front desk at around 9pm tonight, Monday 29th May, 2007.

You know who you are buddy. You know you're an unfeeling thug. That's why you hid your badge when we wanted your name. Of course that's after you left a badly injured possum in the middle of the road, with oncoming traffic, only doing your job when we screamed at you to actually STOP the rapidly approaching cars. It's why you 'pretended' the RSPCA's emergency line (that doesn't shut until 10pm) weren't answering when we asked you to call. (Of course whilst trying to call WIRES on our own phone, and protecting the lil' guy from cars). We had to ring them ourselves, they answered just fine. We also had to ask a friend inside the hospital to come out with something to wrap him in, even though YOU work there.

As I held the possum, bleeding from the mouth in my car as we drove at high speed to the closest late night vet, I thought of the same fate befalling you, being abandoned in pain and distress, and experiencing the callous disregard of human beings. It's probably the only thing that would make an impact to your heartlessness, (shown clearly in relation to a innocent living thing in pain and distress).

Nice that you work security at a hospital. I can only hope you have more compassion for human beings than you have for the other living residents of the area! The official complaint is on the way mate. I hope it smarts.

EDIT: After an extensive discussion with the liasion officer at Concord Hospital, some measures may be able to be implimented there to protect local wildlife. Apparently possums die in the area regularly, so I suggested that the security office needs emergency phone numbers, directions to the closest late night vet, and an attitude adjustment about where their perceived 'duty of care' ends.

EDIT 05/06:
Denise rang back after the interview with the security officer, and I feel strongly that the next injured possum will receive better treatment from the security staff at Concord Hospital. Their security office now has a list of emergency numbers for injured wildlife in their teledex, as does the hospital switch. Apparently he was a junior officer and some of his mistakes were from inexperience, rather than callousness. He apparently stopped to comfort the lady who hit the possum, who he told he would deal with it, and told to leave because she was so upset. It does make it easier to understand him seeing his primary duty was to a distressed woman, I guess it is just that to me that the distressed animal sang louder and more urgently

Upshot - I'm still sad for the possum in question, but happy that there is now a few things in place to ensure the next poor injured animal is better taken care of.
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