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Product Review - Picanha

Diary of a Picanha addict: We bought our first Picanha nearly a fortnight ago, and last weekend we had to make another one! I think we might be addicted to them - after all, they represent 'beefiest' beef we've ever tried!

We marinate the meat in red wine and rock salt, rub it with garlic, and then roll and truss it so we can slowly roast it on the spit over our Beefeater BBQ. With the lid down, and the flame on low, it takes close to two hours, we like turning up the heat at the last five minutes to cook off a bit of the fat, and get it that lovely caramelised edge you normally enjoy with pork. Then you rest it for 10 minutes, slice, and throw the slices back onto the BBQ grill plate for a minute or two. The resulting beef makes the best beef rolls you've ever tasted - no sauce required, just a white floury roll, some Lescure Butter, and eat.

If you try a Picanha, I guarantee, it will be your beef roast of choice from then on. They're addictive!

As you can see from the pictures above, the Picanha is an unusual cut of beef, basically the tip of the rump, but 'skin on' like you would normally see pork. In Australia, they are rare because of the way we generally cut a carcass up, so if you are on the hunt, you need to look for a butcher that serves the Brazillian or Portuguese community. We found one at Petersham, and asked for a freshly cut Picanha ($21.40). (They also have them vacuum sealed in twin packs.) We find that they easily feed 4 people, or make 2 big meals for a couple. The meat is also lovely cold on sandwiches the next day, or slices up to serve with a cheese platter too.

Spanish Portuguese Butcher
83 New Canterbury Road, Petersham   
Ph: (02) 9569-3573
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