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Review - Circus Oz's Laughing at Gravity Tour

Last night we ventured out in the sub-arctic conditions to see Christa Hughes in Circus Oz's Laughing at Gravity tour. It felt rather grand to hear the Sydney beer-drinking diva herself sing Bikini Parade, 5 years later, back in the Opera House, and this time in the Opera Theatre. The show even contained some operatic singing, with Christa coming out as a fat grand dame of opera, and er... converting into a trampoline for a set catastrophe. Well, it made me laugh.

I'm surprised (but not shocked) to report that Christa has stolen the show completely in the time since we last saw them perform. It is now all about her voice, with some pretty physical stuff to accessorise her performance.  She canes a rock number, blows you away with Big Song, steals the show with Bikini Parade and does a good job with her signature French gargling song (which has been re-arranged). Her costumes dazzle (and are the best in the show), and she even does some tricks in the rotating ring with the strong woman Mel Fyfe, and can use a fire stick safely whilst wearing PVC (which is not something to be scoffed at, I tell you)!

The other notable moment in the show for me was the sexy Svetlana Bunic (who couldn't walk the last time we saw the show) in a piano accordian matador routine with bmx biker Scott Hone. The music transported the routine (which I had liked the first time I saw it) to a completely new dimension. Bravo!

Get thee along to worship at the altar of Sydney's greatest voice, presented as it should be, in an iconic venue, before the 9th June, 2007. Clap loud, she's worth it.

Tickets can be had from here: http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/sections/whats_on/boxoffice/event_details.asp?EventID=2226&sm=1&ss=1
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