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Product Review - Chipotle Sauce

The most used condiment in our fridge (which sometimes groans under the weight of our condiment fetish) is a Chipotle Sauce. It is an ideal every-day hot sauce, rich with the taste of wood-smoke dried jalapeno chillies (called Chipotles in Mexican cuisine).

It is produced by Disaster Bay Chillies, in Eden on the far south coast of NSW. Apparently they organically grow about a dozen different types of chilli, from Jalapenos to the world's hottest - the Habanero Chilli. For this particular sauce, the combine the chillies with organic tomatoes (which they also grow), onions, lemons, smoked garlic, malt vinegar, treacle, vegetable oil, black strap molasses, brown sugar and salt.

You can purchase direct from their website ($9.00/250ml jar) or they have a comprehensive list of retail outlets state by state, which include Harris Farm at Broadway.

Funny factoid:
Capones are a rare and quite expensive sort of smoked red jalapeño without seeds. Capones translates roughly into "castrated ones" which is funny, since they have removed the 'seeds'. He he he.

Disaster Bay Chillies
PO Box 513, Eden NSW 2551, Australia
Ph: + 61 2 6496 4145
Fax: + 61 2 6496 1117
Email: info@disasterbaychillies.com
Tags: food, produce
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