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Review - Manoosh Pizzeria

Starting out life as a Lebanese bakery back in 2007, Manoosh Pizzeria has grown and evolved into a modern Australian pizzeria with add-ons to rival the big guys, Pizza Hut and Domino's.

While you can still get Lebanese pizzas, they’re now backed up by a range of traditional pizzas, along with sides including chicken wings and triple cheese balls.

While Charlie Hoyek did expand his initial premises to include a second store in Marrickville in 2016, you’re still dealing with a small business. Small businesses are definitely where I'd prefer to spend my hard earned coin.

At a recent lunch at Manoosh, we pulled up a pew inside their small outlet. While the store is obviously geared more toward take-away and home delivery, the diverse pedestrian foot traffic on Enmore Road makes it an interesting spot to dine. Pizza, like most things, is also best when eaten fresh from the oven.

While this time we pass over the Lebanese pizzas for the more traditional sort, we stay broadly thematic by ordering Mediterranean Beef ($17). It has a crisp base that makes slices easy to pick up with two fingers without experiencing droop, despite the generously applied toppings.

Smeared with Lebanese garlic sauce, this pizza’s toppings include slow-cooked beef, roasted capsicum, mushrooms and tasty char-grilled eggplant pieces, under a stretchy web of mozzarella cheese. Fresh shallots and an accompanying tub of labne dress it up further, though if you can handle heat, I’d suggest throwing a Buffalo Chilli Mini Dip ($1) into the mix too.

With pizzas coming in just one size, you may wish to round out the corners using sides. Lamb Sambousik ($8/5) are blistered puffy pizza dough pockets filled with lightly spiced lamb mince, pine nuts and onions. Thick tahini-heavy hommus is the mini-dip to reach for with these – though with an arsenal of sauces (one comes free with every side) mix’n’match to your heart’s content.

With Pumpkin Kebbeh ($8/5) it’s toum (garlic sauce) all the way! With crisp cracked wheat exteriors, these football-shaped vegetable balls encase more than just pumpkin! The blend of spiced spinach, onion and chickpeas makes them surprisingly tasty,

We ended on White Forest ($9) a puff pastry dessert calzone that's served on a sheet of paper.  It’s filled with molten white chocolate, banana and blueberries, then dressed with coconut flakes and lashings of berry coulis. While your hands are definitely going to get sticky, the flavour combination is certainly enjoyable.

Manoosh Pizzeria
170 Enmore Road, Enmore
Ph: (02) 9550 6606

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