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Review - Posto No. 19

A father and son affair, Posto No. 19, is owned by Paul and Will Jacobs. You’ll notice the outside tables first, on the shady side of Boundary Street, sandwiched between rag trade and cosmetic surgery neighbours.

It’s an unusual piece of contemporary architecture, with lots of industrial touches, from glass to exposed metal girders and polished aggregate floors.

The coffee machine – working with Deluca Coffee – takes pride of place in the front window, with staff facing outside.

Behind them you’ll find a café-style set-up overlooking a cosier area with a lounge room feel.

Being at the bottom of a tower block, the building makes the most of the available light using a glass sided corridor where you can watch plastic surgery clients doing the walk of shame.

Bird noise from the leafy green trees outside provides a link back to nature in this intensely urban landscape.

Despite the modern surrounds, Posto No. 19 is a relaxed café, even on a busy Saturday morning. It serves a quiet collection of locals with their attention focused upon phones and computers, even with actor Hugo Weaving sitting at one of the tables. Fresh from a knockout season with Sydney Theatre Company playing a fascist leader in The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, Weaving is afforded privacy to breakfast with his family in peace.

We bury our noses in coffees to combat the chill in the air. The Deluca beans perform better in a strong Flat White ($3.80) than they do in my Latte ($3.80) - acidity and bitterness are there, but I find the middle a bit uninspiring.

The menu has recently made the switch to wintery dishes like Baked Eggs ($18). Looking like a skillet of bacon and eggs with spinach, this is all actually sitting on top of ratatouille, a French Provençal stewed vegetable dish that here is dominated by zucchini and tomato. While ratatouille isn’t really my idea of breakfast, it does make for a substantial and filling dish, despite it being served with a single slice of buttered toast. It lost points for me with hard-cooked yolks, though I did like the fresh red chillies, which gave the lightly seasoned breakfast some kick.

Much more my speed, the Trio of Mushrooms on Toast ($15), takes well-cooked Portobello, button and enoki mushrooms, tops them with rocket and an soft boiled egg and perches the lot on toast. The visually attractive dish is completed with dabs of chalky goats cheese and drips of herbed butter, ensuring it eats just as well as it appears.

Posto No. 19
19a Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay
Ph: (02) 9380 8640

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