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Review - Meet Mica

Rapidly approaching their first birthday, I dropped back into Meet Mica in Surry Hills to see what sort of difference a year had made.

Dangling gold baubles now soften the modern antler lights, and in the soft autumnal light, the bright gold sheen seems more muted, allowing your eyes to focus on the greenery outside.

A youthful and beautiful all-girl gang working in front of house and the kitchen serve me in the absence of stylish owner, Mica Chen.

Their warmth and enthusiasm makes me smile, as does my drink – My Cloudy Day ($6). Tucked down the bottom of the beverage list, it’s happiness in a glass with rose cream, strawberry and flowers sitting in a pink cloud above rumune (Japanese summer lemonade). I’m gently cautioned not to stir it too wildly, though given a serviette in case I (inevitably) disobey. Watching the two layers merge into a pretty, pink fizz makes my day.

Menu mate - Divine ($6) - sounds healthy, with tropical juice, cinnamon, coconut and turmeric, but drinks as easily as fruit cup cordial.

The winter menu has been updated with a Housemade Granola ($15.50). The toasty brown nutty granola is treated to the Meet Mica trademark Asian-fusion whimsy in the form of a fat white cloud of sheep’s yogurt foam dusted with strawberry crisp dust. There is macadamia milk passed separately in a little jug, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a good collection of caramelised banana, blueberries and strawberries to set it off. To my mind, it eats perfectly well without the additional liquid.

Also new to the menu is a Duck and Cha Soba Salad ($24). While this dish feels pricy, it’s a simple and likeable blend of moist duck slices, green tea cha soba noodles, rocket and mixed leaves that is very lunch-appropriate. While colourful radish slices and yellow tomatoes give the greens some visual interest, the salad and buckwheat noodles are united by a slightly too-subtle wasabi and lime dressing.

The highlight of my meal is an updated Eggs Benedict ($16) served on crispy fried bao for an Asian twist. Adorned with eye-catching tempura nori and a satisfyingly yellow slurp of yuzu Hollandaise, the golden bao are topped with miso butter bacon, wilted baby spinach and a soft-poached egg. Unusual add-ons, like a little pot of Crab Salad ($8), can tart things up even further.

The end result is tasty, and perfect for those cold winter days when you’re ravenously chasing carbs.

Meet Mica
Shop 5, 492-500 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 8018 7370

NOTE: You can see my initial review of this venue back HERE.

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