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Review - Fujimi Dorayaki

Getting lost in a foreign city strokes all the senses. Smell, sight, sound and taste are all stimulated as your brain scrambles to get a handle on everything you’re experiencing. Walking through Burwood Chinatown is almost as immersive as travel. Running deep into the block behind Burwood Road, this arcade of excitement busts through the usual food court boredom with an interesting collection of hawker style outlets arranged as you'd normally find them. They allow you to easily move between steaming bowls of malatang at Yang Guo Fu Ma La Tang to soup-filled xiao long bao at Yang’s Dumplings, as you weave past colourful kiosks. If you brave the back lanes you’ll also discover hidden pockets of seating, large murals and giant metal transformers, to pose with or ponder, as is your personal proclivity.

Having just stepped out of Chir Chir with my belly filled with a hefty amount of Korean fried chicken, sugar was my only craving. Dajianchen’s puffy Hong Kong style egg waffles looked a bit hectic, so I spent my money at Fujimi Dorayaki.

Dorayaki are Japanese snacks where two little curved pancakes are sandwiched together around sweet azuki (red bean) paste. The pancakes are made from castella or Japanese sponge cake, and are pretty filling, especially when the filling is applied and they’re sandwiched together.

At Fujimi Dorayaki they’ve expanded the filling range to include everything from Nutella to purple yam. You can also up the ante with a dorayaki ice cream sandwich, where a scoop of ice cream joins the filling between the two pancakes. We opted to try the original dorayaki in Custard Peanut ($3.20) and the less sweet bamboo dorayaki in Banana Nutella ($3.70).

Both desserts were made right before our eyes, with the pancakes heat stamped with the logo. They’re passed straight from the grill to the filling station, where they’re smeared with toppings and neatly glued them together.

The dorayaki are wrapped in individual paper bags, and handed to you while they’re still warm to eat as you explore the rest of Burwood Chinatown.


Fresh banana and Nutella went quite well with the bamboo pancake, though it was the creamy custard peanut on the original dorayaki that really turned our heads. I’m very tempted to head back to Burwood Chinatown for a progressive dinner…

Fujimi Dorayaki
Burwood Chinatown, 127-133 Burwood Road, Burwood
Ph: (02) 9715 2688

Fujimi Dorayaki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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