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Review - Lovin' Lamb

For a sleepy Sunday night, Burwood sure is alive with people. Burwood Road has the same vibrancy and colour once associated with Kings Cross, before the NSW Liberal Government got their greedy mitts onto it. As I walk along the streets of Burwood taking in the lively collection of hawker-style food outlets and throngs of people, I feel bereft that they were able to kill off the Cross' equally vibrant nighttime economy to line the pockets of their rich, property developer mates.

Anger soon turns to hunger and I notice every second person seems to be carrying a cup full of sticks that reeks of charcoal cooking. Lovin’ Lamb, a few doors down from the Burwood Chinatown development I have been frequenting, has a throng of people outside it gathered on the pavement.

As the name suggests, sheep meat is the store’s main agenda, though they also make ox-tendon skewers and a plum tea. While this street-food dish has its origins in Xinjiang, they’re consumed all over China. It’s not even the first time I’ve encountered them in Sydney, with Lamb & Cumin at the Taiwan Night Markets in Eastwood quickly springing to mind.

At Lovin' Lamb, the skewers of Lamb ($3/each) are richly seasoned with cumin and chilli and then grilled over coals in billowing clouds of smoke and fire. The Ox Tendon ($3.50/each) skewers highlight the spice blend even better, and surprise me by being fatty and soft rather than chewy.

My fellow street-eaters have no compunction about carrying their cups of skewers into other hawker outlets and munching on their snacks as they await the next part of their progressive dinner. It seems like a good idea to join them...

Lovin' Lamb
125 Burwood Road, Burwood
Ph: n/a

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