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Food News - Pimp My Salad

Just in time for the start of our salad season, I gave two of Pimp My Salad's range of salad sprinkles a go. They're made by Extraordinary Foods in the picturesque surrounds of Byron Bay.

Hemp Parmesan ($8.95/120g) has come about through a change in Australian law late last year, which allowed hemp to be grown and utilised in a variety of industries. Before you rush out thinking you’re going to get high, in order to be considered as a food ingredient, edible hemp seed has to be low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive ingredient. So why bother eating it, then? Well hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, B vitamins, protein and minerals. The Pimp My Salad folk have combined hemp with sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, garlic and herbs with a fair whack of salt to produce a totally vegan and dairy-free way of punching up a salad, soup or pasta.

I gave both the aforementioned Hemp Parmesan and their Spiced Sprouted Sunflower Seeds ($7.95/110g) a whirl across two identical salads, with the hemp proving to be an easy favourite. The sunflower seeds have been sprouted (activated with water) to aid digestion, and flavoured with spices and tamari. I found this product was an easy way to making a salad feel more substantial and textural. It would probably work best for people who don’t like adding other textural elements like candied pecans or fried shallots for crunch to their salads, or if you’re bad at dressing your salads so want for more flavour.

I could see both products being particularly useful ways to spice up a work salad lunch - keep a jar on your desk for a last minute sprinkle. Be warned – I found both Pimp My Salad products quite salty, so moderation is the key, and I wouldn't season your salad elements in addition to adding your sprinkle.

At this stage you’re only likely to find Pimp My Salad products online, or in inner city locales like The Cruelty Free Shop.

The Cruelty Free Shop
83 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Ph: (02) 9660 9426
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