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Kunanyi or Mount Wellington provides a beautiful backdrop to the picturesque suburban streets of South Hobart.

From dusk through to dawn and back again, the ever-changing mountain face frames the historic houses that line these sleepy streets. Like the famous Uluru, this piece of Palawan land glows red in the early morning, and fades out to a striking skyline outlined with a golden halo as the light leaves the sky.

By day it's particularly easy to understand why locals have been fighting off proposals for a cable car to cut an ugly scar across the beautiful sheer dolerite columns for the past 117 years; especially when you know there’s already a road that allows people to easily access the summit.

I pondered this misplaced urge to deliver tourism outcomes at the expense of the local landscape over breakfast at the Macquarie Street Foodstore.

Serving up honest food with a strong social justice vibe, this locals’ haunt seemed the perfect place to think about the need for visitors like myself to travel lightly upon other peoples’ homes.

With a couple of dog-friendly outdoor tables set up so diners all face the pretty cottages over the road, this suburban café is an order and pay at the counter affair.

We’re quickly set up with coffees – in my case a quite serviceable Latte ($3.70) ordered strong with an Extra Shot ($0.50) to help cut through the excesses of the night before.

The menu, which is dietary requirement friendly, really points you at the Foodstore Savoury Breakfast ($21). All three of my party ordered it, so nobody felt like they were missing out. Piled upon a giant corncake, is a mound of gently cooked yellow scrambled eggs and a generous amount of bacon. Two grilled tomatoes and some rocket give the golden dish a splash of colour, along with a generous pour of good Hollandaise. The hash brown eats more like an Indian potato cake (aloo tikka), adding in some extra stodge to ensure you won't walk away hungry... if you can walk away at all.

Yes, this is tasty but simple, stick-to-your-ribs tucker presented in the generous portion size that Hobartians seem to prefer.

Macquarie Street Foodstore
356 Macquarie Street, South Hobart
Ph: (03) 6224 6862

Macquarie street Foodstore Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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