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Review - Ciccone & Sons Gelateria

My mate had been urging me to visit Ciccone & Sons for ages. One bite into their creamy Buttermilk & Passionfruit ($7/2 scoops) and I was kicking myself for not listening to her sooner. Set on busy Regent Street in Redfern, the simply furnished gelateria has an old-school appeal.

With a retro-styled gelato cart sitting in the doorway, the long thin room is decked out in burgundy and cream; furnished with wooden church pews and round, marble-topped tables.

Bucking the trend of mounds of colourful gelato to lure in the patrons, co-owner and gelato-maker, Mark Megahey, has opted to use pozzetti, traditional Italian cylindrical containers buried deep inside the counter. You’ll understand why when you roll this gelato around in your mouth – it has a wonderful, textural mouthfeel, with absolutely no ice-crystals.

With nothing to look at, you’ll be deciding on your sweet treat by flavour alone. The day’s small-batch selections are spelled out on a wood-framed, burgundy menu-board that would look quite at home in an R.S.L. club.

While the aforementioned tangy buttermilk & passionfruit with its rolling sweet’n’sour flavour profile was my definite favourite, the Chocolate Fruit & Nut ($7/2 scoops) was also exceptional. The throaty dark chocolate made me feel like I was gnawing on a high-quality chocolate block filled with premium quality dried fruit. Neither flavour was over-sweet, and while they were creamier than other Italian-style gelato I’ve tried, it's hard to complain about creaminess when it doesn't leave your mouth coated with a fatty slick.

Walking the fine line between being insipid and being so intense you bottom out quickly, the cleverly adult Salted Cashew ($7/2 scoops) allows room for you to also enjoy the taste of the high-quality Jersey milk it is made from. Smash your icy treat with a Latte ($3.50) in the afternoon, or pop into this humble but charming space post-dinner for a classic ice cream sundae against some hard liquor.

Don’t wait as long as I did to discover Ciccone & Sons.

Ciccone & Sons Gelateria
195 Regent Street, Redfern
Ph: n/a

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