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Funeral Details for Noel Gredden (Graydon)*

This message is passed on for friends of Noel Gredden, from his father Geoff Gredden. There may be a Sydney based 'wake', when details emerge, I will post them. I will also post details for donations to his daughters, Neisha and Zoe (in lieu of floral tributes) when I have them.

Come and Celebrate  the Life of Noel Gredden (Graydon)

16 September 1971 to 7 July 2007

 A service and a celebration will be held at 33 Maxwell Street, New Farm, Brisbane at 4pm, Friday 13th July to celebrate the life of Noel Jason Gredden. On Saturday 7th July, Noel died unexpectedly of a major heart attack caused by an arterial blood clot.

33 Maxwell Street is a private home. It has been generously donated for the occasion by Tina Quintner, who is an essential part of our extended Gredden family, Noel’s ‘big sister’ and mate.

Noel’s coffin will be there from about 3.30 pm till 6.00 pm.  Friday’s celebration will be followed on Monday by his cremation at the Mt Gravatt Crematorium. If you know Brisbane, this is the cemetery complex next to the QEII Stadium.

For those who wish to view the open coffin, a viewing time has been arranged from 2.00 pm. to 2:45 pm. Friday 13th at Simplicity Funerals,  218 Logan Road, Buranda.

Though many will wish to send floral tributes, as an alternative, we ask you to consider a donation to help with the girls’ future needs.

After the formal service we will start our celebration. If you would like to bring food or drink to help with this we would appreciate your kindness.

We want you to join with us in singing his praises, bemoaning his frailties, and recalling that off beat, wicked sense of humour. That means you are definitely invited to sing for us, cry with us, and share your memories.

* Noel was born Noel Jason Gredden. He chose Noel Graydon as his artist name because Graydon is in fact the spelling of the family’s original name. Like many Australians, we are of Irish stock, and are relatively recent arrivals. The name was changed at some time, perhaps between Ireland and Australia, but despite my mother’s best genealogical endeavours, we have no absolute proof. My simple explanation is that if you here Graydon  pronounced with a strong Irish accent, it easily becomes Gredden.

Noel is survived by a wife,  Anette Zanker (Nettie) and two daughters, Neisha Caitlin Gredden and Zoe Saoirse Gredden. (Saoirse is pronounced Sersha. Gaelic is an unusual language and the pronunciations don’t follow English rules. It means freedom.)

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