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Food Truck - Get Sum Dim Sum

While Get Sum Dim Sum is more a food stall than a truck, it’s still part of the Aussie Nightmarkets line-up that I visited recently in Mona Vale.

One thing I noticed as I made my way around their ring of thirty plus food trucks, stalls and dessert vendors, is that the food on offer had a tendency to be pretty similar – loaded fries, burgers and sliders, and hectic sugar overload dessert creations.

Against all this deep-fried high calorie mayhem, Get Sum Dim Sum and their neighbouring stall, Homemade Dumplings, stood out from the crowd using handmade steamed dumplings.

With a row of six super-size bamboo steamer baskets, Get Sum Dim Sum gives hungry market visitors the option to choose their own steamed dim sum adventure of 7-Dumplings ($12).

We opted for one of each, then took a gamble that we’d like the lobster dumplings the best. In actual fact, I liked the translucent shrimp har gow filled with shrimp, bamboo shoots seasoned with red wine and sesame oil better, along with tasty pork sui mai that tasted of ginger, mushrooms and quality pig. The only disappointment was a slightly bland cha siu bao (Cantonese steamed pork bun) but that was easily fixed with generous application of sauce, made up to your liking in an accompanying pie tin.

As we tucked into our dim sum, and our neighbours gorged on loaded fries and over-loaded burgers, we were treated to an acrobalance display on the bright green grass.

Acrobalance is a blend of adagio (partnered ballet duo involving balance and lifting) and hand balancing. It requires great physical fitness and control. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

Get Sum Dim Sum
Aussie NightMarkets, The Village Park,
1A Park Street, Mona Vale
Ph: none provided

Get Sum Dim Sum Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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