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Starting life as a late-night food van, Brodburger - who made their first bricks'n'mortar store tucked away behind the Canberra Glassworks - is no doubt familiar to most Canberrans.

While you enter through an attractive indoor-outdoor dining area full of large, wooden shared tables, you’ll find the service area tucked in a cramped little nook at the rear.

The menu is displayed paste-art style on a wall, with beers and ciders arranged on a shelf behind the cashier. Despite the queue, staff are wonderfully communicative.

They tell us our burgers will take twenty minutes and check - before we pay - whether that’s okay. We tell them it’s fine but we’re starving, and they tell us: “What we can do is bring your chips and onion rings first." Gotta love a can-do attitude!

We’re handed a table number and our craft beers and told to carve out a space for ourselves at one of the shared tables.

By the time we’ve loaded up with bulk napkins, and necked some of our beers, our sides arrive (within five minutes). Pact Beer Co.’s Mt. Tennent Pale Ale ($8) is a pretty, hoppy, citrussy quaffer, great for slamming down against fistfuls of skinny Chips ($3/small).

The chips themselves are pretty unremarkable, though I like the Onion Rings ($4/small) made on thick cut loops of red onion encased inside fluffy, crisp batter. They stand up to our tinny of Capital Brewing Co.’s Trail Pale Ale ($8), which shows a bit more bitterness than the Mt Tennent.

With soft honest buns that deflate to envelop their contents, the burgers here are far from the most ‘grammable beasties I’ve seen. Brodburger's paste-up ads are definitely photographed on a very good burger day. Where Brodburger do excel however, is in eatability. They’re easy to handle, they’re tasty to eat, made by great flame-grilled beef patties, lots of tart pickles and in the case of my Single Cheese ($14), a decent hit of pungent blue cheese. Generous saucing (and good mustard) does make ‘em a little drippy, hence the not-so-aesthetic old school paper wrapping.

The Capital ($15.50) tastes even better, though it might be the one buck beetroot add-on that (along with making it a proper Aussie burger) mingles wonderfully with Jalapenos ($1) and the same tangy, blue cheese. Both burgers were substantial in size, and we struggled to finish them.

We left Brodburger happy, though if you’re looking for an Insta-worthy burger, my advice is to walk on by.

Canberra Glassworks, 11 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston
Ph: (02) 6162 0793

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