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Review - Cafe Morso

Today's dining adventure was in Pyrmont at , and my companion du jour was the recent winner of Miss Nude NSW 2007 - none other than Miss Erotic Star herself, Suzie Q. Let us all pause to wish her luck in the Miss Nude Australia competition in August (because if she wins, she could well be on the way to being Miss Nude World)! *begins chanting: 'Suzie Q for Prime Minister Miss Nude Australia'*

The cafe was in a lovely location (far right of image above), further north on the peninsula from the casino. The sun was shining, the very expensive yachts were bobbing and I was dining with a hot chick with killer biceps. Her biceps are so impressive in fact that in fact it will be (in her words) "Miss Nude Australia arms down" because thinks she's beginning to look like a trannie in a dress. (This is of course Miss Nude NSW's own opinion, and is not necessarily shared by the publisher of this journal.)

Our food was also lovely - Miss Nude NSW enjoyed a Thai Beef Salad ($18) made (rather extravagantly) from lean slices of eye-fillet - and she finished every morsel.

I was also rather happy with my Salt and Pepper Squid ($17) which came with a nice citrus mayonnaise.


They do all-day breakfast on weekends (with nice Karmee Coffee to boot), and it really is in a lovely spot.

Cafe Morso
Bay Wharf
, Level Lower Deck,
Pirrama Rd
, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 96920111

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