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Review - Savion - on the Grill

I actually enjoyed our visit to Savion - On The Grill, a Kosher restaurant and takeaway outlet with 17 years of history in Bondi, a lot. Savion was already known to me because of their rather fabulous supermarket range of dips, particularly an eggplant with garlic one that I loved.

I was sad to hear from the owner, Eli, that they are downsizing out of supermarkets like Woolworths, due to a rather unfortunate series of decisions from the supermarket giant which involved the poor proprietor having to give up trade secrets (which would of course enable Woolworths to put up their own competitive range). Now don';t despair - you can purchase his products from the store, including large containers of dips, his famous Savion Salad (Tomatoes, Onion, Parsley & Moroccan spices).

My sadness was improved by a Vegetarian Mixed Plate ($10) which as you can see from the photo, was loaded with salads, dips, pickles and tasty felafels.

Eli was the man who first brought Pita 'Pocket' Bread to Australia, and when you try his house-made bread (I liked the fried pita the best), you will know why it took off here!

Finally, all the food is Kosher, and certified by a holy man, so there's no meat before 12 noon. They also close at about 3-5pm Friday, and don't reopen until 10am Sunday (meat at midday). This religious adherence costs them a whopping $1600 per week, so it's absolutely amazing that their prices are so low!

Savion – On The Grill
1/38 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9130 6357

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