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Review - Bau Truong

Bau Truong was my go-to Marrickville haunt for a number of years. An offshoot of a long-term Cabramatta institution by the same name, it put out a contemporary menu of Vietnamese tapas alongside a not-insubstantial menu of the parent restaurant’s more traditional, home-style eats. With it now defunct, spying the new Bau Truong blonde wood framed take-away hutch and kitchen in The Exchange building’s Maker’s Dozen filled me with joy.

While it’s a pared back menu offering a range of dishes like pho, rice paper rolls, and vermicelli salad bowls, it’s supplemented by a specials menu that produces a tasty bowl of Com Bo Luc Lac ($17). In this dish, tasty beef cubes are tossed in pepper and butter and served on tomato rice with Vietnamese pickles.

And who can resist the naughty temptation of a Deep Fried Banh Mi ($12), especially when it's filled with an umami-punching blend of Vegemite, Laughing Cow cheese and bone marrow? Just don’t tell your cardiologist about eating this wildly contemporary Vietnamese snack that’s been lightly battered then slid into oil to fry. The pickled carrot helps digestion, honest!


It screams drinking snack, and while this particular outlet doesn’t serve booze, it’s positioned right next to the Bucket Boys bar and bottle shop, making making your combined eating and drinking adventure a breeze. I whetted my lips on a Pea Blossom Lemonade ($9) a nicely adult hard lemonade, soured lemon and lime, and given a distinctly mauve hue by being steeped in pea blossoms.

It was all too easy to drink, and with prices at Bau Truong being reasonable (nothing on their menu is more than $18) I had enough left for round two, consumed while staring up into Nike Savvas' colourful artwork. (You can see another angle on this piece in my recent review of XOPP.)

Bau Truong
Maker's Dozen, The Exchange
1 Little Pier Street, Haymarket
Ph: none provided

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