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Review - Redforno Pizzeria

With the queue at RaRa Redfern showing no signs of diminishing, I put aside my longing for ramen and reacquainted myself with Redforno Pizzeria.

Located on the pedestrian thoroughfare between Redfern Station and the suburb’s main drag, it’s prime people-watching territory on their al fresco tables.

For a slightly quieter meal, duck past their busy pizza oven to their back section where wood panelling, fake ivy walls and trailing strands of fairy lights give it some atmosphere.

Coming directly from an earlier function, we’re straight into the thirst-quenching craft brews. Flavoured with orange zest and coriander, Isaac ($12), by Baladin Beer, is an Italian crafty made with six strains of native yeast. It drinks almost like a bubbly, light sparkling wine and is perfect for the simple Italian eats on offer here.

We ease our way into eating with the tricolour Caprese Salad ($13.50) presenting well-seasoned fresh tomato slices and discs of fior di latte mozzarella around a mound of rocket drizzled with sticky balsamic.

The addition of thinly sliced double smoked ham sitting under the golden Grana Padano and fior de latte cheese topper is a good one on Redforno’s Lasagna ($16). The béchamel is light and creamy, the Bolognese meat sauce well balanced, and the pasta sheets that separate between them are not too plentiful. It’s comforting and warming on a slightly too cool spring evening.

Made using Italian flour, Italian tomatoes and a sparse collection of fresh ingredients that allow you to taste the nicely blistered bases, pizzas at Redforno are well-handled. Truffle ($28) is my favourite, but I’m a pizza bianca (white pizza) enthusiast. This pizza takes fior di latte cheese and truffle cream and tenderly covers each slice with prosciutto crudo San Daniele, a dusting of oregano and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to lubricate its passage. It’s simple and good, just like this small restaurant.

NOTE: You can see a previous review of this venue back HERE.

Redforno Pizzeria
Shop 1/157 Redfern Street, Redfern
Ph: (02) 8068 5597

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