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Review - The Simpsons Movie

We braved the cold for the premiere of The Simpsons Movie - and after being snapped by paparazzi (David Morgan) on the YELLOW carpet, and stuffed with free Krispy Cremes, Popcorn, Choc-Tops and Coke, we settled in for a very funny movie. The Simpsons Movie is so postmodern it even began by dealing with the obvious question - why you'd come and pay to see something at the movies that you can watch for free at home on television - except of course, we didn't pay. But if you had, it would have been funny.

Kinky line of the movie: "Why do the ones I whip always leave me?" Homer Simpson

It's funny, it's intertextual, and it takes lots of random stabs at religion, leadership ("I was elected to LEAD not to READ" ) and senior moments (like our stumbling  "old, desperate & sneaky" Prime Minister John Howard's fall today). In fact in lots of ways (like the plethora of gay moments), it felt like it was more successful as an adult movie than one for children.

If you like The Simpsons, you're bound to enjoy this - I'm not an ardent fan, but I laughed a lot.
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