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Review - Zeffirelli

Your evening will begin by swooning over the divine accent of your hostess (Karolina). It will only get better from there. The cuisine is Northern Italian (if you don't know the difference, think more butter and cream, less of the ubiquitous tomato).

There are some dishes you probably wont see on a Southern Italian menu - like the home-made bread and parmesan pasta (which seems distantly related to Spätzle) served with tasty Eastern King Prawns, cherry tomatoes and wild fennel ($27). It's good, and weird at the same time.

Vegetarians are sure to be pleased by the giant field mushrooms entree, and three different types of pasta on the menu - I recommend the gorgeous home-made pasta stuffed with spinach and marjoram, in a creamy, dreamy walnut sauce ($27).

But it doesn't get much better than their Warm Chocolate Torte served with Caramelised Fig Icecream ($13). It explodes with warm brown goo went gently nudged with a spoon. My photo does it no justice.

The chef (Davide Lagomarsino)
is handsome, and jocular - as well he should be. The food rocks. I have found my Italian restaurant, and I've never been that big a fan. It outdid Grappa.

2-14 Bunn Street
(Cnr Pyrmont St) Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9552 1509

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