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Review - Cook with Costi

As you wind down for the year, ticking things off from a seemingly endless list of tasks, that final holiday grocery shop is likely nearing the forefront of your mind.

Just an escalator ride up from the Broadway Sydney basement bounty that is Harris Farm, you’ll find Steve Costi’s Seafood and Craig Cook The Natural Butcher.

With a spiffy refit, the two have merged into a provenance-focused providore, where you can take care of all your meat and seafood needs, and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

Set right between the meat and the seafood, Cook with Costi is a small, open kitchen that offers up a daily range of freshly cooked dishes prepared using produce from both retailers.

While most of the Cook with Costi offerings come in well under the fifteen buck mark, at this time of year you might be looking to treat yo’self.

Nothing says self-care quite like a Scampi Burger ($40) boasting three, lightly grilled curves of my favourite crustacean nestled lewdly between two toasted buns with a little lemony lubrication. As your lips wrap around the soft buns and your teeth tear into scampi, you’re likely to moan in pleasure.

Sure it’s pricy, but have you looked a buying a kilo of scampi lately? This burger delivers exactly what it says it will, without buggering it up with lettuce or heavy saucing. If time permits, sit down and give it your full attention at one of their nicely integrated marble tables or counters.

Otherwise you can hit up some Popcorn Clams ($9.95) that’ll see you through the aisles of Harris Farm rather nicely. Speared with a wooden ‘pick, these well-seasoned little clams are savoury and tasty, particularly when dragged through fancy tubs of 'batch crafted' garlic aioli.

You will need to sit down to do their Grilled Salmon ($13.50) justice.

With the kitchen easily able to sing out to diners, my salmon fillet was cooked just how I like it: raw in the middle and perfectly crisp on the skin.

The golden crisp skin had a gloriously juicy liquid fat layer sitting right underneath it.

While the salmon generally comes with chips, the glass counter hides a range of salads like a decent tabouli and a red cabbage salad that was crisp, but a bit on the chunky side.

Both required seasoning, but when salt, pepper and hot sauce are provided, that’s easy enough to achieve.

While I hear a liquor license might be in the works, for now there’s a range of non-alcoholic beverages including Naked Bondi Kombucha ($5/each) to accompany your meal. The calamansi lime and ginger one drinks best.

While I stayed with Steve Costi’s seafood, Craig Cook’s Double Cheese Burgers ($11.95/each) kept flying over the counter. I’m going to keep one in mind for a shopping day when scraping together the dosh for the scampi burger is out of reach; but for now, there’s shopping to be done at the butcher and fishmonger three steps from my table.

And if you need another reason to visit Broadway Sydney, owners Mirvac Retail are dropping a cool $9 million to spruce up the ground floor, so the shopping centre's look does justice to innovative retailer collaborations like this one.

Cook with Costi
Level G, Broadway Sydney
1 Bay Street, Ultimo
Ph: (02) 8542 9063

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