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Review - Chefs Gallery

While the excitement of the colourfully illustrated Chefs Gallery menu continues to be their hand-stretched noodles and dim sum, there’s still value to be had in consuming a more standard Chinese meal.

I’ve been visiting Kaisern Ching’s flagship Town Hall restaurant for a decade. To keep things fresh, the décor has had regular updates over that time period.

The most recent update draws upon the pale salmon pinks of Spring, with the cabinets of Chinese artefacts and wall art giving way to floral arrangements.

To stay in the pink - and to lend some buying support to the bush fire-ravaged grape growers of Tumbarumba - I opt for the McWilliam 480 Estate Tumbarumba Rose ($10/glass). Made on savoury pinot noir grapes, it’s a good match for the cuisine.

While the name – Duck Liver Pâté Wagyu ($42) – might seem intimidating, the resulting 300 grams of flash-fried wagyu beef interspersed with snapping fresh sugar snaps and king brown mushrooms is not at all challenging. The pâté just adds a glossy richness to the high quality, tender hunks of meat.

Sweet and Sour Pork ($28) leans more heavily on balsamic vinegar and ume shiso (sour plum and shiso leaf) than most over-sweet renditions of this adapted Cantonese dish that seems perennially popular in Australian settings.

Garnished with lychees and interspersed with pineapple and crisp hunks of red and green capsicum, it’s a tasty exemplar, especially when eaten over well-separated Roast Duck Fried Rice ($20). Chefs Gallery keep things exciting by combining the shredded roast duck with tiny rounds of asparagus, omelette and mustard seeds, adding up to a quality, unique fried rice experience.

Wok Fried Seasonal Vegetables ($22) purport to liven up a colourful melange of lightly cooked veggies (won by the texturally perfect oyster mushrooms) with spicy bacon chilli jam. What we actually got was smoky sliced bacon and just a hint of chilli, but regardless, it was actually my favourite dish.

We were delivered one incorrect dish, but staff took our word for it, spirited it away and ensured the correct one arrived before our meal had progressed too far. Serves feel a little on the small side, though the quality of the ingredients used at Chefs Gallery continues to shine, so you probably won’t mind dropping a little extra coin to eat them.

NOTE: You can see previous reviews of this restaurant back HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Chefs Gallery
Shop 12, Regent Place
501 George Street Sydney
Ph: (02) 9267 8877

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