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Daily Natter

Yesterday, I hired a ute to get Craig's pink scooter back from the wilds of Taren Point, and while I was there, I saw a very cheap couch, which I liked, so we now have a new couch to replace the tattered old one that Craig's naughty cats destroyed so long ago.

It's a big improvement! And it goes with the framed art, and the silver lamp. So I am very happy... broke but happy. Part of the reason for this state of broke is that my car's service yesterday (which I only got a quote for AFTER buying a couch) cost a whopping $529! Shame that the only effect I can see is that they replaced the windscreen washers... so they're obviously made of gold.

Oh and this was the gift from Craig for my birthday... it's a PSP, and it is waaaaay cool. Doesn't it look fabulous on the new couch?

And a big thank you to our dinner guest last night, the legendary Mandy Rollins, who helped with couch er... disposal. It's a hard life being forced to sing for your roast pork dinner...

Oh and Otway Pork was good... moist, and tasty - so good in fact, I had it for lunch today too, with apple sauce.

And finally, I tried Gundowring Ice Cream because they had a flavour I couldn't resist - Spiced Anglais. I have been keen to try them since they one so many medals... six for their premium ice-creams (fig, espresso, coconut, spiced anglais, ginger and vanilla). They're made from milk from their own herd of Holstein Friesian cows, and lots of the flavours (fruit, nuts, honey) are locally gathered too. The ice-cream is lovely, and it's a very adult flavour.

I am very excited that they make cheese ice-cream, albeit only for chefs... it's a fantasy:
  • Milawa Blue Cheese Ice Cream with Glazed Quinces
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