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Review - Vaby's Mediterranean Grill

I went to Vaby's Mediterranean Grill against my better judgment, and for an enforced family occasion, not for the food. To mark this, I started with a Strawberry Daiquiri ($10.95), I figured it couldn't make it any worse.

In the food stakes, I figured they'd be least likely to fuck up a burger, so I had The Great Australian Bite ($14.95) - a monstrous char-grilled burger with smoked bacon (actually good), egg, pineapple (cooked on the grill until it had a skin - not sure how this could happen, or what the skin actually was - yuck), beetroot, onions, cheese, mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce on a bun with fries.

My Mother had a Caesar Salad with Lightly Sauteed Prawns ($10.95 + $4.50) which looked alright. I actually declined to sample, as I am very picky about my prawns... and not much else about this place was engendering me to feel safe with their seafood.

Actually truth be told, the food was less revolting than I expected, but the service was abysmal. If the brain-dead teenaged gum-chewing dolt serving us ever came back to the table, her manner was so offensive with her sneering: "You finished?" that I mentally poised my pen for this scathing write-up. I can't wait to blog about this, I thought!

I even went to far as to order a soft drink I didn't want, to ensure she would HAVE to come back to the table to deliver it, so we could order dessert without having to wait the usual thirty minutes she was taking to return to the table. In fact, she never ONCE came when she didn't have to deliver anything... no 'how are your meals', no 'can I get you any more drinks'. Sacking her would improve this restaurant ten-fold.

Vaby's Mediterranean Grill
507 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills
Ph: (02) 9580-9077

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