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Review - Cho Dumpling King

It seems a little like a cop-out to be writing about food, after the events of the weekend. Strange as it seems to write it, I feel somewhat changed by what I saw.

But I suppose it is in doing the ordinary that gets you back to feeling okay about the world... until the time when we can change this government once and for all.

So here goes... My latest burst of edible joy is a cheap one - and it's available in Chinatown from a cute little shop called Cho Dumpling King - which incidentally is Taiwanese.

The item itself is called a Pork Bun ($5.20) and it involves a bun (somewhat like the steamed BBQ pork buns), coriander, pork belly, and some amazing sweet sprinkled stuff which I cannot identify or translate to the server to find out what it is. Needless to say, this is a great tasting snack, and unusual:

I also tried an amazing cold eggplant dish from their window too!

Cho Dumpling King
Shop 6, 8 Quay St, Haymarket
: (02) 9281 2760

Cho Dumpling King on Urbanspoon
Tags: food, food news
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