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Police - Paving the way for Brutality

Seems we weren't the only ones noticing police at the protest without identification (see my post HERE about this)

PM hails 'brilliant' police tactics

Jordan Baker and Edmund Tadros
September 11, 2007

...The force's Professional Standards Command is looking into the failure of some officers to wear name tags. Demonstrators accuse police of trying to avoid scrutiny and say pins on tags could not have been used as weapons because the tags were backed with Velcro.

Mr Scipione said he would not pre-empt the outcome of the investigation. "There are times when officers might lose those badges in a scuffle."

But on the YouTube video, a NSW Police officer can be heard saying that it is one of the policies of "the bosses" that they did not wear identification badges during their summit duties.

The footage, filmed by Drew Bowie, shows a protester asking an officer why he does not have a name tag. The audio is faint, but the officer seems be saying, off camera: "It's one of the policies the bosses have this week".

He provides his name when asked by the protester. A spokesman for Mr Scipione said there was no official instruction to police to remove their badges.

One former police officer said there was no excuse to take off the badges. "They're saying they don't want anyone to know who they are, then they are demanding that the average citizen produce identification."

He said he was concerned some of the younger police would take the tough approach encouraged at APEC back to their local area commands.

The managing director of the Tourism and Transport Forum, Christopher Brown, said authorities failed to strike the right balance when given a promotional opportunity akin to hosting the Olympics.

"Empty streets with concrete barriers, high fences and riot squad officers, snipers in buildings and helicopters," Mr Brown told ABC Radio. "We just got out of control … we just didn't get the balance right between the imagery and security."

The Greens Senator Kerry Nettle called for an independent inquiry. She said she was concerned that police pointed guns at protesters and people were subject to video surveillance.

Read the whole article here: http://www.smh.com.au/news/apec/pm-hails-brilliant-police-tactics/2007/09/10/1189276633578.html

Identity parade of the secret police

Unbadged … police officers who removed their name badges andcannot be identified.

Unbadged … police officers who removed their name badges and cannot be identified.

Jordan Baker Chief Police Reporter      September 10, 2007

Were you involved in any incidents with police or witnessed any? Message 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764) or
email us with information or images.

DOZENS of police will be investigated for failing to wear name tags during a weekend protest amid accusations their tactics were unnecessarily heavy-handed.

Five people faced court yesterday over the protests, during which 18 people were arrested and 14 charged with offences ranging from assault to offensive language.

Civil libertarians and protesters accused the police of overreacting and using excessive and extreme force during Saturday's rally. They want the charges dropped.

... But many police still removed their name tags. A co-ordinator for the group Human Rights Monitors, Dale Mills, took 200 photographs of police without identification.

Police identification has been an issue since the demonstrations against the Vietnam War, when protesters regarded their removal as a sign officers were about to get violent.

"They took ID badges off so they could not be identified before committing acts of aggression," Mr Mills said.

The Police Service manual says uniformed officers have to wear identification showing their name. But police say the pin in the badge can be used as a weapon.

Read the whole article here:
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